About Amoi


Meet Amoi, the Milli Mogul.


Amoi is an ambitious and aspirational 20-something. She is a native of the island of Jamaica and a graduate of Seton Hall University with a degree in Broadcasting and Film. Amoi has always been a creative and lover of the arts but didn't fully embrace that side of her until her last couple years of college. She is naturally a big thinker and dreamer. She calls her ambition "God-given" as she has defied many odds to be where she is today. 

Amoi was inspired partly by her experience growing up in different environments, her passion for media and her curiosity and desire for success to start a web show that allowed people to hear the stories of inspiring entrepreneurs before they make it big. She noticed that she and many other people from the community that she grew up in didn't personally know any entrepreneurs to learn from.

"Making of a Millennial" is one small way she is helping to bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement while giving hardworking and inspiring individuals a platform to share their stories.